blkdragonqueen: (Addicting FF)
2012-06-09 07:53 pm

I'm not the only loon!

:D Thanks to [ profile] mdnytryder sharing the wonders of the Fanfic Downloader ( <- Get it! { mdnytryder's original Post! Please thank her! } ) I have been scouring FFnet saving all my ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT fics due to all the hoopla and hullabaloo - just in case. And since it's quick and easy, I've also browsing the M rated Fanfic to save whatever piques my interest.

Now almost everyone has heard of if not read L.mouse's Masks fanfic at a healthy 112 chapters and at 933,361 words. Epic in it's own right and I thought the longest TF fic out there. But I could not believe that in my searching I found another fic that surpass even that! The author, arctapus has a fanfic called The Diego Diaries: Part 1 & Part 2 An Ironhide/Ratchet centric fanfic that I haven't read yet but am looking forward to. :D

Part 1 is 159 chapters, totaling 361,218 words. So a lot of little (to me) chapters. Then I checked out part two. Five HUNDRED and nine chapters with over a MILLION words! 1,187,868 to be exact. Both parts together is 1,549,086 in 668 chapters!

And people were telling me MY fic was too long! O.O
Go! Download! Read! Rejoice!
*I forgot to mention it will also work on!

PS: If YOU know of an epic fic that we readers should not be without! Please feel free to mention it here!