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:D Thanks to [ profile] mdnytryder sharing the wonders of the Fanfic Downloader ( <- Get it! { mdnytryder's original Post! Please thank her! } ) I have been scouring FFnet saving all my ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT fics due to all the hoopla and hullabaloo - just in case. And since it's quick and easy, I've also browsing the M rated Fanfic to save whatever piques my interest.

Now almost everyone has heard of if not read L.mouse's Masks fanfic at a healthy 112 chapters and at 933,361 words. Epic in it's own right and I thought the longest TF fic out there. But I could not believe that in my searching I found another fic that surpass even that! The author, arctapus has a fanfic called The Diego Diaries: Part 1 & Part 2 An Ironhide/Ratchet centric fanfic that I haven't read yet but am looking forward to. :D

Part 1 is 159 chapters, totaling 361,218 words. So a lot of little (to me) chapters. Then I checked out part two. Five HUNDRED and nine chapters with over a MILLION words! 1,187,868 to be exact. Both parts together is 1,549,086 in 668 chapters!

And people were telling me MY fic was too long! O.O
Go! Download! Read! Rejoice!
*I forgot to mention it will also work on!

PS: If YOU know of an epic fic that we readers should not be without! Please feel free to mention it here!
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Hey all, I SWEAR someone gave me a link once before but does anyone know where I can read the TF IDW Comic online? I looked about on Amazon and they're all over $30. D: (I miss Borders) *No Torrents or Bittorrents please. ^^a My computer won't open 'em

I blame Merfilly's new TC/Bee fic for the sudden want. The funny thing is that lately I've been talking to Kallipso about a Bumblebee / Seeker Bunny that's been driving me up the wall. :P

Raw Bunny-not completely thought out yet. just plot points )
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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! <3

So Life has been Really, REALLY busy. :( They changed my work schedule and family life has been going nuts. After 2 funerals in late winter, spring, now we're getting ready for my niece's wedding in the fall. FAMILY IS CRAZY!

  • Kallipso told me about the author who did the Inuyasha's fic UKE, Twisted Hilarity and how she had a slew of original fiction. THEY ARE SO FUNNY! Her fic "The Last Pure Human" was just hysterical. I was rolling laughing! The Chaos in that fic. I HIGHLY RECOMEND THAT ONE! Ice Wind's Bride is okay and Nature's Choice I really couldn't get into but her Highschool is Hell one shots are pretty good. The 2nd fic is hysterical with the uncle. QUOTE: “Um, you really don’t have to drink blood to live or something?” Marcus made a brief gagging noise. “No.  I need coffee to live.” “I need sex to live,” Tacitus offered.“You need to shut up to live,” Marcus added, and Tacitus chuckled.

YAY My Squiby Meg Evolved!
And Here are My current Dragons!  Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Instead of a final exam, we ended up having to do a group project and what happens? I end up in a group where one girl is spazzing about not getting an A in the class and became a hectic task master, or rather mistress. We still have until Friday to turn it in but we had it done and handed in before class even ended today! We got to leave a whole half an hour early to boot!
Hermione has nothing on this girl! Yeesh! At least it's done and I don't have to worry about anything!

*Falls over and passes out!*

Time Travel Fic Recs )
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Well congratulate me! I think I just got fired from my job. O_O! And if I didn't, then I'm so quiting anyway because this is WAY too much stress for a 12 hour a week job! >:( GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Long story short, I'm depressed and want something to just drown out the real world. Could someone recomend a nice LONG fic that I can just be absorbed into and not come out of it for like a day? Any fandom at this point, I don't really care. Transformers, TMNT, Star Trek, ANYTHING at this point.

I'll start with some recommendations for you!

TMNT: 2 Fics )

Transformers: 1 Fic )
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(note the total sarcasm)

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