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Title: Cover Me  
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~*~ The Chapters ~*~

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~*~ THE FANS ~*
Fan Art For My Story
Fan Stories Set in the "Cover Me" World:
  • Absolutly Nothing by fly_buggy_fly (rated PG )Gift drabbles for Black Dragon Queen, set in her "Cover Me" world. Bluestreak is chatty and nervous. Motorhead knows just what he wants. Too bad things keep preventing him from getting it!
  • Fire Clashed with Darkness by Kohako_Shadow (Rated G) Blaster is stargazing and thinking about his purpose. A Gift fic for Black Dragon Queen, author of "Cover Me" ALS Songs From the Heart (Rated G) A song that's sung tells more than a story. A song that's sung is sung from the heart. Sing me a song of lies and love of hate and friendship. Written in BDQ's "Cover Me Universe" Updated Chapter 5 Up!
  • Cat's Eyes by Feilds of Heather (Rated G) Inspired by BlackDragonQueen's wonderful story Cover Me, Ravage meets the Lancaster's cat, Beeper Oneshot
  • Megatron's Musing by Dragon Queen88 (Rated G) Megatron's musings while riding in Soundwave up to the Artic Circle. Tribute to DBQ. takes place in Cover Me universe
  • Sparklings by FireflyODoom (Rated PG) Blkdragonqueen's epic called out to me and I had to tell a few short stories about the sparklings her 'bots were expecting. Go read her fic 'Cover Me' to understand what this is about. -MM-
  • Torn by Thursaz (Rated PG) A look into Sam's thoughts. Sam/'Bee, Sam/'Cade, Cover Me fanfiction, one shot
  • Another Way Around by Eternal Sailor X (Rated PG-13) I do have permission from Black Dragon Queen to write this. Consider this an AU of chapter 132 to whenever I decide to stop it from Cover Me. By the way, go read it; it's awesome. Megatron/ Optimus Prime hinting. M for language and suggestive content.
  • Cover Me Origins: Hound and Mirage by OrianPrime92 (Rated PG-13) For BDQ's Universe, Cover Me. How Hound and Mirage met to them becoming adults and eventually becoming Aligned all the way to Mirage landing on Earth after the War. HoundxMirage, OCsxOCs Rating may go up! Chapters are a bit short, sorry!
  • Fanfemmes, Sparklins 'N Jazz by Hallas and Himeno24 (Rated G) Sparkling Bumblebee feels like getting into some mischief, and who better to distract the others but Jazz? However Jazz is spotted, and then a crazy fanfemme and jealous bonded by the name of Prowl get involved. One Shot, OC, Prowl/Jazz, implied mpreg.! ALONG WITH Make Sparklings, Not War (Rated T) The war between the Autobots and Decepticons was inevitable, but perhaps peace is not so hard to find after all. Or rather, peace is not so hard to make. One Shot, multiple pairings, m/m, m/f, mpreg, OCs. AND NEXT IS Barricade Loves his Doughnuts (Rated T) Inspired by BDQ's amazing story "Cover Me." Barricade has a sudden craving for DONUTS on his road trip with the Autobots and other Decepticons. One Shot; Barricade/Bumblebee, implied Prowl/Jazz, implied Sideswipe/Sunstreaker.
  • Cover Me Prequel by Screamers Just a Screamer (Rated T) A small prequel to Cover Me by Black Dragon Queen, with her permission. Barricade’s first encounters with Sam, and the choices he made. WARNING: Contains spoilers! Read Cover Me beginning to end before reading this! You have been warned!
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