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Hey all, I SWEAR someone gave me a link once before but does anyone know where I can read the TF IDW Comic online? I looked about on Amazon and they're all over $30. D: (I miss Borders) *No Torrents or Bittorrents please. ^^a My computer won't open 'em

I blame Merfilly's new TC/Bee fic for the sudden want. The funny thing is that lately I've been talking to Kallipso about a Bumblebee / Seeker Bunny that's been driving me up the wall. :P

Raw Bunny-not completely thought out yet. just plot points )
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Here's the shiny from THIS Post :)

The Other Channel
Teaser Chapter: Typical )

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Should I adopt the G1 Mirage Bunny? Hemming and hawing.
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So what do I do instead of writing the next chapter of Cover Me or getting back into TMNT or even my Inuyasha fic? Oh No! I have to outline a whole NEW fic based on Jame's Cameron's Avatar in preparation of seeing the extended version tonight! Yeah, like I need MORE work! *headdesk* And why must all my story ideas be freaking EPIC FICS!

Basically it's a complete re-write of the whole first movie (so Tsu'tey lives and it's more slashy XD) This is one scene that Kallipso and I came up with at Lunch and I just HAD to write it down! XD Completely rushed and not eidited and just for fun! this would be around... chapter 20 or 30ish. (yeah, I know. *headdesk*)

On another Random Note! Dragons! Yeah, I'm still addicted!  I've decided to try for 15 of every adult seeing as that's how many frill I have. After that it would be 30 each (baring the limited editions and holiday dragons) I'm at 290~ ! 10 more for 300~ and then 200 to go for a gold trophy! YAY~!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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Okay, I can NOT get this idea(s) out of my head and it's slowly but surely driving me up the slaggin' wall! This bunny is rabid and for some stupid reason I have two versions floating around in my head for the same dang rabbit and can't figure out which one is better because I just love them both and they're both worthy of being written. Hence my dilemma. I'm not going to work on this (these?) yet but since they refuse to take their darn teeth out of me I thought I would share a teaser of each version for you and get everyone's opinion on them. These are still bunnies and therefore not very well planned out but I think I got the bones of the fic figured out, they just need to be fleshed out completely.

This bunny has also reminded Kallipso of a bunny she had hopping around and she gave me permission to post it here for adoption. (or for us to pester her over and over and over again to write herself~!)


Version One )


Version Two and Vote )

Kallipso's Bunny 4-sale )


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