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A Chapter! Feel the Shock people! The Shock!

NOTICE: The second half of this chapter is NOT edited. If you spot any mistakes, please let me know! I myself had to go back and re-read the last 5 chapters because I couldn't for the life of me remember who was where and what was going on. Here's hoping it flows!

Chapter One Hundred Ninety Nine: Static and Shocks

It took a little while to calm Sunstreaker back down but he eventually went from utter furry to mild irritation. Sideswipe, for once, was ignoring his other half in lieu of smiling down at their children and calmly explaining that it would be better to wait until they were grown a bit before deciding if the newest sparkling truly was their third.

“It makes sense however,” Sunstorm told Optimus later. “Trines are never far apart in age and to have the first two sparked already, the third would want to be born as soon as possible.”

“But did it have to be Skywarp’s son?” Optimus sighed. “The twins and Starscream’s trine mates were always each other’s opposition in battles. For their children to now be practically bonded this fast…”

“Look at it this way, at least it wasn’t Jazz’s kid,” Barricade chuckled as he, Bumblebee, and Soundwave finally approached the others now that the chaos had died down some.

“Hey!” Jazz yelped in mock insult.

“The last thing we need is your kid with the ability to fly.” Rumble snickered and Frenzy just looked rather amused as Jazz smacked the Decepticon patrol car.

“You have to admit, he’s got you there Jazz,” Hound laughed, clasping a friendly hand on the other mech’s shoulder before he was called away by Inferno to help with keeping the gremlins from the newborn. Primus help them if Gravelgrinder sat on the poor thing accidentally. Scorponok seemed happy to just lie at Sunstorm’s feet.

“It’s adorable. What did the purple mech name him?” Judy inquired as she and Epps approached from where the adult humans had been watching on the steps of both the mess hall and the barracks. Miles soon followed, three distinct green bottles in his hands that had both Sam and Mikaela smiling in thanks.

“No name yet,” Sam told his mother as he accepted a bottle from Miles. “Skywarp is kind of unconscious.”

Judy looked alarmed but the boys quickly assured her that it was just exhaustion and that if Sunstreaker was anything to go by he would be up in an hour or so. Sooner seeing as how Skywarp had only the one.

“Well the sparkling seems fine,” Ratchet declared after a few awkward moments from when he was trying to look the small one over. The newborn had continued to duck behind one of the jet twins as the medic tried to wave a scanner over him, whether from natural shyness or just due to Ratchet himself was anyone’s guess. “I’m going to go back and check on ‘mommy’ and relieve Groundhog.”

The others watched in surprise as the young mech started pulling Jetfire and Jetstorm forward, wanting to follow the retreating medic. Skyfire hesitated unsure, but a small shove at his back encouraged him to finally move into the sparkling’s view range. He gave Soundwave a grateful smile before kneeling down to try and get somewhat closer to the tiny mech. “Um, hi there little one.”

“Can he understand you?” Wheeljack asked curiously.

“Not sure yet,” Skyfire admitted, still staring at the tiny mech. “Did you want to go see your, err, mommy?” he asked it gently.

The tiny mech shifted slightly behind Jetstorm but he nodded in response, putting an end to the quick betting going on between Jazz, Optimus and Hound.

Jetstorm said something to the tiny mech and he and he brother glanced at Sunstreaker. “May we go with him?”

Sunstreaker’s first instinct was to say no but before he could voice the word he saw the tiny mech clutching his own Sparkling’s hands as tightly as possible and giving him an imploring look with his bright gold optics. With a sigh he relented. “As long as it’s okay with Ratchet.”

“Да Отец!”

“How much you wanna bet that the new one is going to be nattering on in Russian before the day is out?” Rumble mused as they watched the three sparkling head towards the hanger along with Skyfire.

“Then Skywarp will just be on equal footing with the other parents on base,” Ravage drawled.

“Do you suppose we could take a class at the local college?” Bumblebee mused aloud.

“I don’t think they have Russian,” Perceptor frowned in thought. “Maybe an Online course. I’ll have to look into it. But only after I finish my own work load.” Here he turned to Optimus, a determined look on his face. “We’re working on the refiner but we’re going to need additional parts in order to get it actually built. I was wondering if I could put in a request when you contact Secretary Keller?”

“You haven’t called him yet?” Bumblebee yelped in surprise.

“We called him!” Optimus protested. “He’s in Arizona for something or other. Should be here later today. You can ask him about acquiring whatever you need then.”

“And who’s ‘we’?” Barricade asked Perceptor suspiciously.

“The only one’s not busy,” Perceptor pointed at where three mechs were clustered around Optimus’ trailer. “I do need some assistance you know. I can’t do it all on my-”

“You left Rollerforce in charge?” Barricade yelped before he started towards the small group. Ravage let out a huff as he curled up at Sam’s feet, and seemed to start ignoring everyone and anything.

“At least they’re keeping busy,” Bumblebee snickered with Jazz as he watched Motorhead wave excitedly at Barricade. Bluestreak looked less than pleased and ducked behind the brightly colored mech for safety as he took in Barricade’s rather determined gait. Sunstorm used the distraction to take his own leave and headed for Inferno and Red Alert as Scorponok went off to play with the gremlins.

Prowl watched the upright flyer go with a frown before glancing at the small group with the gremlins. “I think Sunstorm might be convinced into help in assisting Red Alert and Inferno with the underground base,” he announced as he joined Optimus and the others.

“The refiner takes should take precedent,” Optimus stated and Perceptor stood up straighter at that. “However, we have to start scouring the underground base for clues on where Thirteen has the Decepticons. Who knows how long they’ve had them or what Burgen is doing with them.”

“That was my thoughts,” Prowl agreed.

“Just so long as you’re the one who tells Red Alert,” Judy called up. “He’s been rather eager to go deeper but Inferno wouldn’t let him without authorization from you.”

“I think we’re going to need an assignment sheet put up,” Jazz snickered. “We can put it on Ironhide’s bulletin board.”

“Where is Ironhide anyhow?” Bumblebee suddenly asked, looking around as if the gunner would suddenly pop out of thin air.

“Yeah! You’d think with all the hoopla, he’d be right in the thick of things again,” Jazz agreed.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Will either,” Epps began before he cut himself off with a chuckle and both Mikaela and Miles watched as Sam suddenly became a rather bright shade of red. “Perhaps it’s best not to think about it?” Epps snickered.

Judy just rolled her eyes and smacked Epps’ arm. “It’s nothing like that you pervert,” she scolded before turning back to Optimus. “Will’s ex-wife called him and they went out to the Lennox’s farm.”

“We should still call them back,” Prowl insisted firmly. “With the Decepticon’s in Thirteen’s hands, we’ll need everyone on standby.”

Epps had already pulled out his cell phone and was scrolling through the contacts. He brought it up to his ear but after a long silence he pulled it back down and started scrolling again. “Went right to voice mail. Gonna try the house phone.” There was another long wait before Epps shook his head again. “No one’s picking up.”

There was another pause as Prowl looked to Optimus, Jazz and Bumblebee. “Can you get in touch with Ironhide?” he asked. “I never got his new Earth comm. frequency.”

Optimus was silent himself for a bit before he looked surprised. “No I can’t.”

“What?” Jazz yelped before he tried it himself and gained his own look of astonishment. “Nothin’ but static!”

“That shouldn’t be, right? I mean, you guys can at least call each other in the when you’re in the same state,” Mikaela glanced between the mechs, “right?” Sam sneaked a glance at the dark optic Frenzy who nodded. That was not good.

“Are there any of those large power line towers by the farm?” Perceptor asked Epps curiously.

“That still shouldn’t matter,” Soundwave was frowning now. “We shouldn’t have any interference this close to one another.”

“Perhaps we should try the main computer?” Bumblebee asked hopefully. “It could be that Ironhide is just, err… ignoring us?”

“He’d better not be,” Optimus growled. “Jazz, go get Blaster.”

The silver mech nodded and went to pull the communications mech away from helping Sunstorm and Hound wrangle the gremlins just as Barricade returned with Bluestreak and his other two teammates in tow. Wheeljack was following behind them, seeming a bit at a loss of where to go with Ratchet still in the main hanger with his patient.

Taking in everyone’s suddenly anxious expressions Barricade groaned and dropped his head into his palm. “Now what happened?”

“Ironhide seems to be disregarding our calls,” Soundwave told him.

“And that’s a bad thing, how?”

“He’s off base and since we need to figure out where Thirteen took Starscream and the others, we need him here,” Prowl explained.

“Ironhide’s gone?” Wheeljack asked surprised. “Where did he go?”

Barricade tilted his head slightly. “He’s with Will, right? You sure you want to interrupt?”

“That’s what I said,” Epps exclaimed. Ravage let out a feline huff again.

“Interrupt what?” Bluestreak asked curiously.

“Um… nothing,” Bumblebee muttered as he looked away from the group as well. Optimus and Prowl shared a glance while Barricade looked heavenward again.

“Honestly Sam.” Mikaela rolled her eyes as Sam went red again.

The boy mumbled something and fiddled with his now empty bottle, refusing to look up. Judy hid a smile as she patted her son’s shoulder before taking her leave, reminding the other humans about lunch in an hour or so. Sam watched her go for a moment before he started peeling the label off his bottle. It was a good thing no one could read his own mind right then as that morning’s activities flittered through his head.

“No seriously, what are they doing?” Bluestreak asked again as Jazz arrived with Blaster.

“Blaster, see if you can get in touch with Ironhide on the main computer,” Optimus ordered at their approach.

“Ironhide? Why?” Blaster asked puzzled.

“He’s not answering our private comms,” Prowl explained. “He won’t be able to ignore one from the master line.”

“You can show Soundwave the system while you’re at it,” Jazz grinned at him.

“Oh, um. Yeah, sure,” Blaster shifted a bit before he turned to Soundwave. “Though I don’t think it’s going to be that much different from your own systems.”

“I’m sure watching you patch through a call will be helpful in understanding how you combined our systems with Earth’s own communication devices,” Soundwave stated tactfully.

“Oh!” Everyone turned at Wheeljack’s small exclamation. “After you get in touch with Ironhide, perhaps we can try to get Teletraan Two installed?” he asked.

“Teletraan?” Blaster’s head jerked around surprised.

“We could also use it to try and possibly pinpoint Thirteen’s location,” Prowl agreed rather eagerly.

Optimus nodded slowly. “And it could help with decoding the computers from the sub base!”

“Wait, Teletraan as in Cybertron’s Teletraan?” Rollerforce turned to stare at the Autobot leader. “The slag?”

“But it might be possible that it could acquire an Earth virus from one of the sub-computers,” Soundwave argued against Optimus’ idea, ignoring the other ‘Con.

“Teletraan? Get a virus? Do you think that’s possible?” Jazz asked the taller Decepticon surprised.

“Perhaps,” Soundwave admitted. “Teletraan was modified for our specific coding and advanced programming. Earth’s slower system might just get past the firewalls simply because they won’t recognize what it is.”

“But I thought our computers were built from reverse engineering Megatron,” Sam began. “Wouldn’t that mean it’s the same coding?”

“Not necessarily,” Perceptor shook his head. “Your planet still lacks certain materials we use for our own systems.”

“We have Teletraan?” Rollerforce prodded Barricade’s side. “Since when?”

“Since we found the ARC,” Ravage drawled from where he was lounging by Sam. “Haven’t you been listening?”

“If we’re installing Teletraan, does that mean Barricade has to be there as the Captain of the ARC?” Bumblebee asked curiously.

Captain?” Motorhead and Rollerforce now both turned towards Barricade in disbelief.

“Oh shut up,” Barricade snarled at them before he turned back to Optimus. “I doubt you need me for the computer.”

“We might actually,” Optimus snagged Barricade’s arm before the ‘Con could get away. “Lets see what we can do with that computer.”

“But can we go into the hanger now?” Bluestreak asked hesitantly. “I mean, if Skywarp is still out of it…” he trailed off.

“We’ll find out, won’t we?” Jazz called over his shoulder from where he was already heading towards the hanger.

“I’ll go get the router from the trailer!” Perceptor waved them off as he headed back in the other direction.

“Oh what’s happened now?” Ratchet demanded as the group re-entered the building just as Groundhog proclaimed, “Skywarp is still unconscious so you can’t interrogate him.”

“You won’t be interrogating him at all!” Ratchet yelped at that. “I don’t want his straining his energy until he’s re-fueled.”

“We are not here for Skywarp. We need the computer,” Wheeljack was quick to placate his agitated mate.

“Are the sparklings making a fort out of my data pads?” Optimus groaned as he stared at the small mechs stacking different pads under the older twins’ watchful optics.

“More like building a pyramid,” Skyfire corrected with a smile from his seat next to Skywarp.

“Hey ‘Hog! Did you know Barricade became a captain?” Rollerforce called out.

“You got demoted?”

Barricade grumbled a bit as his team clustered around him but it was Bumblebee who explained everything that had gone on when they had been in the Arctic with the ARC ship’s AI, Sam adding a few things for Mikaela’s benefit.

Optimus went with Soundwave and Blaster towards the main computer while Wheeljack and Ratchet had wandered off into the corner to talk quietly by themselves. Jazz had joined the smaller mechs on the ground and Sunstreaker sighed as he and Sideswipe got into a tower building competition to see who could make one the tallest.

Bumblebee glanced down at three teenagers and Epps before shrugging and heading to join Optimus and the others at the computer while the humans, Ravage, Rumble and Frenzy headed up to the balcony.

Soundwave was watching intently as Blaster flipped switches to turn on the communications portion of the giant computer before plugging in Ironhide’s frequency channel. Everyone in the hanger reared back at the sudden deafening high pitch whine the emanated from the speakers.

“Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn it off!” Jazz bellowed, his hands clamped over the youngest sparkings audio receptors.

Blaster slammed his fist down on the off button.

“What is the pit was that?” Rumble shouted angrily.

“What?” Motorhead shouted back.

“That isn’t good, is it?” Bumblebee looked to Optimus in concern as Barricade whacked his subordinate upside the head.

“No, it isn’t,” Optimus frowned.

“What was that noise?” Perceptor called out as he entered the hanger with the router and Wheeljack quickly filled him in. “You don’t think something happened to him, do you?”

“Thirteen?” Barricade looked to Optimus as he joined them.

“Most likely.”

“But, how could they have gotten the jump on Ironhide?” Bluestreak asked, worried about his direct superior. “He’s got one of the best perimeter alarm systems, not to mention his artillery. The only one who could almost equal him in weapons is Clifjumper.”

“We can’t jump to conclusions,” Prowl contend. “It could be he had to turn it off voluntarily.”

“But why would he?” Jazz challenged, approaching them with the tiny sparkling in his arms and jostling him slightly to try and calm him down. A quick glance showed the twins doing the same with their own offspring. Skyfire immediately went to him and accepted the tiny being. Jazz nodded in thanks before continuing. “Even if it was for some ‘alone time’ with Will, he wouldn’t turn it off completely.”

“Unless he turned it off because Thirteen was in the area,” Barricade stated grimly.

“Do you think Thirteen’s managed to tap into our frequencies?” Perceptor asked alarmed, joining the conversation.

“It’s a plausible explanation,” Soundwave agreed.

“Or your friend has been captured,” a voice from the other side of the room called out.

Everyone turned to see Skywarp propped up on his elbows, glaring at everyone. “Did you not think I didn’t try to get in contact with Thundercracker and Starscream after they were taken?” he demanded as he sat fully upright and waved at the computer they were all still clustered around. “I got the same thing with every one of their frequencies.”

A high pitch trill stopped anyone from replying and Skywarp turned in shock at the tiny sparkling trying to wiggle out of Skyfire’s arms and leaning towards the seeker still on the exam table.

“Is that-?” Skywarp stared.

“Your sparkling. Congratulations,” Skyfire announced, dropping the squirming bundle directly into the seekers lap.

Skywarp floundered a bit before the new sparkling nearly slid right off his lap and the in turn the table and the purple mech automatically brought up his hands to steady the tiny thing.

Ratchet immediately rushed over, scanner in hand. “Hold his steady!” he commanded and waved the hand held device over the sparkling before waving it over Skywarp himself. Neither of his patients seemed to notice however, too busy staring at one another.

“Do you think Thirteen has Ironhide?” Bumblebee asked, trying his best to ignore the new tiny family on the other side of the room.

“We just have to hope that’s not the case,” Prowl stated calmly.

“But considering all that’s happened…” Optimus trailed off. “Slag it. Someone’s got to go after him and make sure.”

“I’ll go!” Bluestreak immediately volunteered and Motorhead instantly followed his example.

“If Thirteen has Ironhide, they’ll have Will too,” Epps reminded them as he clambered down the stairs, “and there’s no way I’m letting him down. And you have no idea where the farm is anyhow, I can take you there.”

“Rollerforce, go with them,” Barricade ordered. “If Thirteen is in the area, we need all the heavy hitters to provide back up.”

“Grab Hound as well,” Optimus called out after them as the three left, Epps already clambering into a transformed Bluestreak. “He’s more suited for off road if it becomes necessary!”

“Should I go as well?” Soundwave asked, already moving in that direction.

“Negitive,” Prowl declined, holding out a hand to stop him. “You and Blaster keep working the radio. See if you can pick up anything unusual.”

“Hopefully ‘Hide’s just trying to lay low,” Bumblebee stated, but even he didn’t sound so convinced even as the others all nodded in agreement.

The hanger was silent for a few moments before surprising Sideswipe broke it by turning to the seeker in the hanger. “So what are you naming him?”

Skywarp looked at the red Frontliner in surprise. “Naming? I didn’t even think about that.” He looked down at the small sparkling who seemed content to lean against his chestplating, almost completely in recharge. He glanced at Ratchet. “Did he do anything when he first onlined?”

“You mean other than take off on us like a bat outta hell?” Barricade chuckled.

“A what out of where?” Skywarp looked to his brother who could only shrug back at him.

“We might have frightened him a little,” Ratchet admitted guiltily.

“’Ratch, my man. You scare everybody,” Jazz snickered.

“He was quite fast,” Skyfire informed him. “Imagine how fast he could be once he’s modified with jet turbines.”

“Primus, I’d rather not!” Barricade groaned.

Skywarp frowned as he stared down at the now dozing sparkling deep in thought. ‘What would Thundercracker like?’

“Lightspeed,” he finally declared.

“Lightspeed?” Sideswipe frowned.

“Or Lightning Bolt but if he’s as fast as you say,” Skywarp trailed off with a shrug.

“Oh he is,” Barricade assured him.

“I think Lightspeed is a fine name,” Optimus smiled at the new father.

Skywarp couldn’t help but automatically give a small smile back before looking away from the Autobot leader in embarrassment.

“Wonderful. Now that the little one has a new name, perhaps you can now give us an in depth explanation of Seeker Trines and what that will mean for your sparkling as well as my own since they’ve declared ‘Lightspeed’ as such, ” Sunstreaker declared without preamble as he plopped down into Ratceht’s vacated seat, Jetstorm now firmly in his lap.

Skywarp stared agog at the yellow mech before looking down at the blue seekerling, grinning madly at him. He then glanced at the rather abashed Sideswipe and the also grinning Jetfire in his arms.

“They’re WHAT?”

1)      Lightspeed is NOT an Original Character. Hopefully it will become clear why he was perfect as Skywarp’s son in later chapters. His bio can be read here:

2)      A BIG, BIG, BIG!!! shout out to Aprilraven with assistance from cubicality on Live Journal whom I forgot to thank in the last chapter for helping me figure out what the /bleeping/ kind of car Ron was driving in the first movie WAY back in August of 2012. THANK YOU DARLING! *Huggles*


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