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O.o Wow! I'm not nearly here enough, am I? :( Sorry for that. Been rather hectic as late.

COVER ME: I actually DO have 7 pages typed for the next chapter of CM, but I'm not really feeling it as of yet. :( I know how I'm going to end it and what I still have left to type, (Fig and Epps are being pains in the you know what) and have been tweaking it here and there but it just doesn't seem like an epic Chapter 199 to me. ... Oh well. Even if I scrap what I have and start all over, it's probably going to come out the same so I think I'm just going to have sit on my butt to finish off the last few pages and post it. (in other words, expect a chapter some time around the end of the week)

INTO THE FIRE: Again, I have about 2-3 pages done and I know what I'm doing with this chapter and what I have left to write for it, but I've been finding myself turning on my computer with the intention to write either this or CM and end up just sitting there playing spider solitaire or what not for about two hours. O.o? Dang distractions! Going to see what I can do this week and should hopefully post new chapter with CM!

OTHER WRITINGS: ... yeah, not happening. :(

Okay, what I've been doing with myself over the past month and a half. So my sister has been having issues with the association where she lives so she decided to move, forthwith. No, seriously! She decided that was it and went right out, found a nice little house closer to her place of work and bought it within a month of her decision!

Hence, it was a lot of moving furniture from old house to new and now, since she going to put the other house with the wacko people on the market, my mother will be staying there from time to time so it's a lot of moving my mothers furniture out of storage and staging the house. Why am I the only female in my family of girls with any muscles? It's my mother, my two sisters, their three daughters and one son. Needless to say, my nephew and I are the ones moving all the couches and whatnot. I'd get my one niece to bring her new hubby of 1 year since it is her mother but they're out of state. >:/


So we had inventory about one to two weeks ago and then everyone went on vacation... again! Seriously, we have 2 out right now and then when one returns, someone else is running for the hills. Hence, I have absolutly NO set scheduled. (one of the reasons my writing has been non-existent) I do the morning shift one day, the night the next and then the mid-shift before doing night again, then morning and back to night. All this while covering other people's departments on top of my own and running the photo machines while at the same time clerking out the liqueur department. . . . Yeah...  I'm going to need a vacation to recover from everyone else vacation.

Again, DANG IT!

So yeah... that's been my life.

~Returns to the shadows~
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