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The Other Channel
Teaser Chapter: Typical
It was another typical battle on another typical day for another typical scenario. Megatron was stealing energy from another power station and Bumblebee with the rest of the Autobots converged on the spot and instantly engaged in battle with the Decepticons.
Optimus was fighting Megatron while the twins were trading potshots and insults with the seekers. Prowl was trying to organize the Autobots offensives while Jazz was taking on Soundwave. Everyone was shouting and laser fire peppered the air.
As if that wasn’t enough, it had started storming not long after the fight began, causing the terrain to become unstable and the heavier Decepticons were trying to push the advantage. Bumblebee glanced around the battlefield, trying his best to figure out where he would best be needed. He had already encountered Rumble and Frenzy and with Hound’s help, they had driven the cassettes back behind the Decepticons lines before Hound went off to assist Mirage. It seemed as if everyone was locked in combat at in their usual stalemate. No one was gaining the advantage yet.
The small minibot was torn on who he should help when Megatron’s booming laughter echoed over the fighting mechs. Bumblebee whirled around and saw Optimus clambering back onto his feet while Megatron was fiddling with a strange box device. “Now we will see the end of Optimus Prime,” Megatron crowed and tossed the box in the Autobot leaders direction.
Bumblebee didn’t even stop to think. He rushed forward and with a flying leap, intercepted the device midair. He could hear Megatron’s bellow of anger and Optimus Prime’s cry of surprise and horror but he didn’t stop as he landed and took off running. The device was beeping and the beeping was getting faster.
“Stop him!” he heard Megatron shout behind him but what chilled Bumblebee down to his very wires was Starscream’s reply.
“With pleasure!” the flier cackled and the sound of turbines whirled threateningly.
Bumblebee whirled around, the box clutched tight to his chest with one arm, his gun raised in the other but Starscream was already on him, slamming into him. Bumblebee opened his hand and the gun clattered to the ground as they hit the mud. “You’re dead Autobot.”
Bumblebee scowled, Starscream sneered, the box’s beeping got faster and then the lightning struck.
The beeping stopped, there was a high-pitched whine, a blinding light and suddenly Bumblebee was pined down by even more weight, being pushed further into the mud. Starscream snarled but it was another voice shouting the obscenities. Strangely enough, it sounded like Starscream but… deeper somehow. The voice that answered him was even more startling.
“What in the name of fuck just happened?”
“The hell should I know? Get off of me!”
“I’d get up but I’m stuck!”
“Well then get unstuck!”
“I’m trying!” a clanging sound. “Slagging rain! It was clear a minute ago!”
“Both of you get off!” Starscream hollered and there was a snort above him.
“That’s what I said.”
“I can’t get off in front of total strangers, you know that!”
Star!” the second voice gasped horrified.
“Get. Up!”
“I’m up! I’m up! For Primus’ sake! Pushy bug!”
Bumblebee blinked as the pressure was suddenly eased the still snarling Starscream was suddenly yanked off him and pushed to the side. “Good lord what the hell is up with your colors? Blue arms? Seriously?
Bumblebee’s optics rebooted as he tried to figure out what was going on and which way was up when bright, blue optics suddenly were looking down at him. It had to be the owner of the second voice as the first one was still harping at Starscream who looked just as disoriented as Bumblebee.
A yellow hand reached out and snagged Bumblebee’s arm and hefted him to his feet with a wet slurping sound as water suddenly ran into the indentation that Bumblebee had left in the mud. “Are you all right?” the second mech asked. Asked with a voice that sounded, all too eerily, like his own.
“Where the fuck are we?” The first voice shouted but Bumblebee couldn’t look away from the larger mech still looking down at him with worry, and just a bit of disbelief, in his optics as he tried to brush some of the mud off him. “Damn it bug, I blame you for this! This is all your fault!”
The second mech finally looked away from trying to clean off Bumblebee to glare at the other mech that the minibot was startled to see was some sort of flier if the wings were anything to go by, but not like any flier he had ever seen before. The flier was looking about, staring at the dam and the horde of both Autobots and Decepticons standing ankle deep in mud in the pouring rain just staring at the two newcomers in surprise.
Bumblebee glanced over at Jazz for direction but the TIC just shrugged at him and he turned back to the mech still standing over him who was glaring at the unknown flier. “My fault? How is this exactly my damn fault Star?”
“Simple. Everything always happens around you! You’re always the catalyst for anything and everything that seems to happen around us! Anyone gets near you and something is bound to happen! Damn it Bumblebee! It’s so typical!”

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Waaant. *makes grabby hands at fic* ;__; this sounds like so much fun. *pets it and wishes she had bunny food for the idea*


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